1 ounce snatched slimming oil

4 ounce ginger cream

1 ounce ginger oil

1 roll of osmotic wrap

1 brush (for dry brushing)

1 contour waist wrap 

Our 360 Lipo Package will help with reducing fat. Benefits of each item is listed below:

Snatched Slimming Oil works by reducing fat cells and releasing their lipids into your bloodstream which exit your body safely and naturally via your urine & sweat. The result is to aid with faster weight loss, inches off and a slimmer body shape.

Ginger Cream 

Ginger decreases inflammation, stimulates digestion, and suppresses your appetite. These properties in ginger may promote weight loss. Great for post op surgery!

Ginger Oil (same benefits as the cream) also great for post op surgery! 

Dry Brush- Dry Brushing improves circulation and helps flush waste and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. Another power of dry brushing is the element of exfoliation. While exfoliating it helps remove dry, dead skin cells and makes your skin more susceptible to moisture and hydration (better product absorption).

Contour Waist Wrap- compression provides optimal results and helps give an hour glass figure 

Ingredients listed under each individual product 



360 Lipo Package