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This is a 5 day supply ( 10 pills/tablets). Take 2 pills/tablets once a day after a meal.

Ingredients: White Kidney Bean, Cassia Seed, L-Carnitine tea Polyphenol, Ginkgo Biloba Leat, Lotus Leaf, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Chitooligosaccharide, Koniac Powder, Probiotic FermentecFruit Powder, Medium Chain Triglyceride, Collagen Peptide

Revitalize your weight loss journey with our Power Shred Fx, expertly formulated to bring you a comprehensive range of benefits. Experience accelerated weight loss, thorough cleansing, boosted metabolism, suppressed appetite, and elevated energy levels. Unleash the power within to achieve your wellness goals with our advanced Power Shred Fx.


Weight Loss: Shed unwanted pounds effectively and witness a transformed, healthier version of yourself.

Cleansing: Experience a thorough internal cleanse, promoting detoxification and rejuvenation for overall well-being.

Boosted Metabolism: Ignite your metabolism, ensuring efficient calorie burning and supporting sustainable weight management.

Suppressed Appetite: Control cravings and reduce unnecessary calorie intake, making your weight loss journey more manageable.

Increased Energy Levels: Feel revitalized and energized throughout the day, providing the stamina needed for an active lifestyle and successful weight loss.

Power Shred Fx

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