This oil promotes a healthier vagina. It’s a blend of herbal infused oils. All made to aid with overall vaginal health. Helps with ingrown hairs, balancing ph, unpleasant odor, menstrual cramps, vaginal itching, yeast infections, odor and a healthier yoni. If pregnant consult your physician first.


-Yoni/Vsteam is an ancient holistic treatment that assists with

-cleansing the vagina/yoni

-helps relieve menstrual pains

-aids with anxiety and stress

-balances pH

-increases lubrication

-tightens and tones the vagina/yoni after child birth


If you are suffering from heavy bleeding during your cycle? Anxiety?Stress? Infertility ? Low Libido? You may want to consider a yoni/vsteam. 

Cannot steam if pregnant, have an IUD or actively menstruating.

Yoni Elixir + Yoni Steam Herbs