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The difference between this and the other BBL IN A BOTTLE is these are pill capsules, not gummies like the other bottle and this is more potent/stronger than the gummies (hence the name 2.0). This is a natural booty enhancement that can give you a fuller booty in a few weeks. May also help enhance your hips and breasts. Results will vary from person to person. This natural enhancement has no known side effects and specifically targets the buttocks for growth by growing more fat in the area. This product WILL NOT target any other areas. Consistency is key! Will not make your abdomen or any other areas larger. This is a 30-day Supply. Take 2 pills a day, preferably with food. DO NOT take if pregnant or breastfeeding. No health claims are being made. Please see a list of ingredients on the second photo attached, swipe left.


Our formula contains an exclusive proprietary blend of ingredients that has been proven to increase a woman's butt and breast size by stimulating new cell growth for a natural full body enhancement with no side effects.

Natural, Purest, Highest Quality, Pharmaceutical Grade product. All-Natural Ingredients and is manufactured in a cGMP Facility under stringent safety standards. It is also USP tested to ensure the accuracy of our ingredients.



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