This intimate collection will help you rejuvenate and revive your yoni/vagina as well as build feminine confidence.


DIRECTIONS: When using our yoni elixir, you should gently massage the oil throughout your vaginal area, Labia/Vulva area. Massage all around your lips, including your pubic area. This elixir was not designed for the inside vaginal area. Our skin absorbs what we apply on it, therefore, it will absorb the elixir as well. The elixir  should not be inserted inside the vagina. You are also able to use this elixir to shave to aid in preventing/relieving ingrown hair & razor bumps.

Shake well before use, store in a cool place. Drop some oil on your finger tip & apply on your vulva & throughout your vaginal area.

ATTENTION:For external use, DO NOT use if pregnant.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: sweet almond oil, avocado oil (all herbal infused, mugwort, calendula, lavender, red roses) herbs, & citronella essential oils & an abundance of love.

  No health claims are being made with any of our products


Yoni Elixir